Hiding the fishing spots

Hiding the fishing spots

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 24 September 2021

Last weekend I was rafting guiding. On Sunday we had our own rafting trip on lower part of Kitka. It was great day and I was able to observe river more than normally and spotted some nice graylings. Weather has been quite good for fishing but I haven’t been able to go fishing. There is so much other things to do before winter.

Tuesday evening was clear sky and it meant that cold night is coming. It was – 5 celsius in the morning so probably even more during the night. Leafs were dropping fast and it changed fishing a lot. Now there is lot of leafs on the river and graylings are closing their mouths. Only hope is that there would be some sun which would made some surface activity.

Weekend is looking cloudy and little bit rain but Monday looks sunny and warm. Also Sunday looks decent weather starting from afternoon. I probably have to do at least one more trip to my autumn fishing river before weather is going to be too cold. Wind seems to be calming down also so hopefully leafs are staying on trees.

September is one of my favourite fishing months after August. Fishing could be more difficult and challenging but it is also more rewarding.  That makes you learn more. About rafting and some big graylings. I haven’t fish one side stream for whole summer and I’m pretty sure that one else has either. I know that there is good size graylings and especially end of August when season is just about to end over there. It is only 2 meters wide and there are some spots which are little bit over 1 m deep but mostly less than 0.5 meter. I could spot two graylings close to 50 cm. I’m so happy that they are still there and doing spawning next spring.

Sometimes when guiding I skip spots just to hide graylings from outsiders, in this outsiders means fishermen who are around but I’m not guiding them. Reason for that is social media, people are too eager to share fishing spots without knowing who is going to fish there. I don’t know if you got my point. You could think that what ass I am but if you think little bit more about this…… You will get idea, you have good spots and nice fishing somewhere. You have been working hard to find and learn that place. You maybe take fish now and then to eat but mostly you will do C&R, then somebody revials spot in public. There are fishermen who won’t realease any fish but take all which are sizeable. It is only few weeks or seasons and all your hard work is gone. Fish are getting smaller, spot is grouded etc. You get the point.

Once again we should really remember that everything in nature is just loan from our children.

Have a nice weekend

Mika the Legend from Finland