Headed North

Headed North

Paul Arden | Tuesday, 26 October 2021

This is a rather fast FP from me. I’ve been packing this weekend for a trip up to Sungai Tiang. The plan has been to build a small single file marked track along the True Right. This I’ve always felt important especially over the hill that we use as a shortcut that could be easily fallen down, and doing it properly takes some skills because when it rains it pours.

For those of you who have missed it, Sungai Tiang is a river (and village) in the North of the Belum rainforest. I was approached a few years ago to see if it would be a viable sports fishery for fly fishing, and visited it shortly after. After visiting I said yes, C&R fly only is a great project and I would help train the local indigenous peoples to be guides. Which I’ve been doing as and when the pandemic allows.

Some, in fact many of you, have also contributed to the project both with funds and tackle… thanks!! It’s great to be going back in. Weather and Covid has slowed things down considerably. But things are moving forward again and they plan to open end of the Wet Season ie beginning of February when the river is gin clear.

So a few weeks ago my neighbour in town who works for the National Park informed me that they had a few experts visiting to teach trail building to the OA (Orang Asli) and I said "fantatsic, that's something I'd like to learn, can I come?" :)))

We leave in ten minutes. I'll be back Thursday. Have a great few days!!!!

Cheers, Paul

PS if you can get here I'm open for business. Now is a very good time to fish the lake!! 

PPS here is a fantastic Barra Tim caught on his HT10...