Hat as Trophy

Hat as Trophy

Easterncaster | Thursday, 26 February 2015

I won it, well sort of. A couple of years ago I placed first in a fly casting competition. My podium finish sent me home with a large glittery gold plastic trophy and a $100 gift certificate to a big box outdoor store. The hat was not in my winner's gift bag. It would come later after a phone chat to Michigan. It's pictured below in the Arizona desert during a recent trip.

Held at a sportsman fair, the casting contest was a morph of the 5wt.Combination game. With the idea to draw in window shoppers, have them sign up and get in on the fun, the sponsors adjusted a couple of the rules, one of which was the fly line head length spec. They relaxed it and allowed in a bit longer head. I used a Scientific Angler's VPT-5... Versatile Presentation Taper. I've been fishing and guiding with it since it's release, so I was quite comfortable with it as a choice for the contest. To be fair to Paul, his Thunderbolt 5 line is very nice, casts well and is perfectly fishy, but it's head length was too long given the contest's rules.
Original intent of the 5wt Combination game was to garner more public interest in casting competition. A key element was making the tackle requirements straight forward and user friendly. Every trout fisherman around here has the right gear, and more than likely several examples of. Sadly, many still get caught up in the rules etc... and just remain window shoppers.
So a year later I was on the phone to Sci-Angler, ordering a few things for the upcoming season when I mentioned that I had used one of their lines to win a fly casting contest. I was told, "That deserves a hat!". A color was chosen and in a few days a wearable trophy arrived.


trophy in car passenger seat