Happy New Year from Sexyloops!

Happy New Year from Sexyloops!

Matt Klara | Sunday, 1 January 2017

It’s my honor to kick off the New Year with our first FP of 2017!


There is something about the new calendar year which causes us to look back and look forward, reassess and resolve. The world is an uncertain place, especially these days, but we can all be happy to know that Sexyloops is still here, and the great community of worldwide anglers that gathers here will continue to support and learn from one another. In the grand scheme of things, it may be small, but it is meaningful.

With the spirit of community in mind, I invited everyone to join me on the FP today to ring in the New Year.

On that note, I will sign off and let the others take over. Wishing you the best on and off the water in 2017.

Take Care and Fish On!



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Happy New Year everyone!! I wish you all the best for a wonderful 2017 full of great fishing moments. My only resolution is to fish more than Bernd, again. :-))) Have a fantastic year!!!



In 2017 I would like to get more people to tying, and specifically tying simpler flies. Flies for fishing that is.  I believe a good flyfisher is also tying his own flies and doing this based on what he / she finds in nature. Thus leading to a better understanding of the nature they fish in. I hope that this leads to more protective behavior for nature. One tends to love more deeply what one understands and of course protects what one loves.

The last 2 years have compiled 20-something the articles of the 80 something I have written on Sexyloops in a more logical, course like fashion. They can be found on tzflyfishing.no under fly tying school. The articles can be commented and question asked. This is all for free of course. I just ask you to join a list of people I send the password to. 

Wishing you a pleasant a peaceful holiday season,

 - t.z. -


2016 passes by in a blink of my eyes. Lots of great fly fishing moments we shared. Thanks a lot to all our guests and friends who joined us fishing. We couldn't have done such an excellent year without you!

Merry Christmas and a happy fishing year 2017, 

Bernd and Manja


I wish all of you a fantastic new year with a lot of days at the water and for sure also a lot of fish at the end of your line! And of course a lot of fun at the vise with many nice flies to catch your fish. 

I'm planning as every year to fish more next year :) This year I haven't been so much out at the water as I would like to do because of a new job and moving to a new place. 

I hope also there will be more time to take some flytying step by step pictures for you - I'm looking forward to write again for Sexyloops also in 2017 and let's see what the new year brings us! 



Happy New Year to all Sexyloopers. Thank you all for reading my frontpages, for the great feedback, for your sharing mentality. I look forward to 2017, and hope Paul will release a 5-wt :-).



As 2016 draws to a close I'd like to thank all those fly-fishers that I've had the pleasure of fishing with, casting with or just sharing a drink with during the year.  Through fly fishing I've met a lot of wonderful friends and hopefully we'll meet up again in 2017 for more of the same.  Here's to a fishy new year!

All the best,


It's been a wonderful 2016 with lots of new experiences for me such as competing in the Worlds in Estonia and fishing for bass off the South coast of England, which is all down to the support and help of everyone I meet through fly casting and fishing, as everyone is always so willing to provide advice. Here's looking forward to more fishing and casting in 2017.

Good wishes to everyone and a Happy New Year.  


Here's to a 2017 filled with only the biggest fish, perfectly tied flies, and of course, heaps of sexy loops. I truly hope all the readers here at SL find new, exciting, and beautiful paths along their fly fishing journeys.