Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me!

Paul Arden | Thursday, 19 December 2019

I'm heading off to the lake; James and Tracy's page hasn't arrived yet, so this is a quick fill in from me! Wow 49!! What a fantastic age this is to be!! Next one will be 50... FFS how did that happen!!! This year I've set myself the challenge of completing 5 long distance triathlons (it's just my way of keeping fit actually). The original plan was five full Ironmans; it's probably going to end up being 2 half and 3 full, but let's see. That would actually be fine with me.

Of course the real goal in life is fly fishing and my goal is to fish more than 20,000 days. To do that you have to live quite a long and active live - hence the triathlons you see :D But also you need to fish virtually every day. I've passed 300 days on the water, but that's very low for me. Next year will be different, come end of January I'll be living afloat on the lake again and I should be able to fish virtually all of them again. Living afloat is definitely the answer for me and the plan is to spend the next twenty years doing so, five or six years left here in the jungle and then 15 on the ocean. I'm not sure what happens after that but I'm sure it will be exciting :D

Anyway enough of all of that - I have to go fishing and catch my birthday fish!!!

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And of course (this is Lars hijacking Paul's front page - don't forget to wish Mr. Sexyloops a happy birthday here on the Board (Paul obviously being way too modest to include this thread).

Cheers, Paul

PS Happy Birthday to Viking Lars tomorrow! :D