Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Is maybe the most difficult thing to achieve and it never seems to be meant to stay with us for always. For sure I believe it to be the best part of a human live.

Well, what do I tell you?

I don't even know, if I yet have managed to nearly understand happiness in my own life.

What I do know though, is...

When I am out there somewhere fishing

- no matter how cold it gets, no matter how strong it blows, no matter how heavy it may rain
- even in the darkest nights

Fishing always feels to enter my life like a perfect light summer breeze. I am truly glad to have such an intense passion bringing lots of happiness into my life.

Last week I spent nearly all of my time on fly fishing. During the day my friend Hansi and I went fishing and in the nights we were designing new flies. We have been testing quite some materials for designing the best moving wiggle tailed flies for different retrieving speeds. I'll add some detailed infos in my next front page!

Happy fishing days to all of you!

All my best


Few pictures this time... ;)