Hants Show 2020

Hants Show 2020

Tracy&James | Sunday, 13 September 2020

After a great time in Cumbria last weekend, we returned home to Wales, then promptly drove down South for work. The weather is totally different this week as we’re mainly in shorts and t-shirts, unlike the thermals last weekend.

Whilst in the South, besides doing plenty of DIY and gardening, we’re also popping to the Hampshire County Sports Day on the Bereleigh Estate, near Petersfield to support our good friend and fellow fisher, Gilly. For the last few years, we’ve supported the Show by running a free to enter casting competition, normally accuracy rather than distance.

This year things could be a little different as we still intend to run an accuracy competition but will need to ensure we clean down the rod in between each caster. Tickets to the Show are only available on-line and there will be a one-way system for people to flow through the grounds. We will be located in between the entrance and exit, so hopefully this may result inmore people coming along to the fishing area. We won’t be providing instruction, but there will be others doing that. So if you are going, pop in and have a cast.

Also this week I started preparing to organise a couple of BFCC Meetings in two of our usual venues, Essex and Shropshire, however with the latest increase in Covidrestrictions, this is now not a possibility. If I want to run a meeting, at the moment, I could only organise one in Wales, but things could change at any point, so it will be better to leave things till next year. Pity as I would have loved to catch up with everyone and see how much my casting practice has paid off in the competitions. Being as James won the overall event at the only Meeting we held this year (Devon in March), he was in prime place for winning the BFCC Championship for 2020; though I have had to sadly inform him that the championship is null and void as competitors need to have attended at least two meetings. :)

Whatever you are doing this week, enjoy and hope we can all catch up in 2021