Half Arsed

Half Arsed

Martyn White | Thursday, 15 April 2021

It's turning into another strange spring. I was looking forward to the end of the smallmouth spawn over the next week or so, I've some new streamers to test on the hungry post spawn fish. But that might not work out as planned after all.

After lifting the lockdowns and letting us all out in time for people to have their cherry blossom parties (POD is from 2012, I stayed home this year) and drive case numbers up, it looked like the government here was going to announce another state of emergency.  But....the Olympics or something.

What has actually happened is that they have announced a very unclear partial state of emergency, which no one seems to understand. Luckily fishing is still allowed during an SOE here, but the new partial measures might cause some difficulty. There's potentially something about not crossing prefectural lines, which will mean that living in corner between 3  I could be a bit stuck-or maybe have greater flexibility than others. 

Until it gets cleared up I'll still be going fishing targeting the smallmouth as they start spreading out post spawn. If things do tighten up it might keep me on the local lake, which might be a good thing. I really need to spend more time breaking it down, but I find it hard to stay away from the rivers. Luckily I spent this weekend getting all my stuff ready while everything is spawning, so whatever these half measures actually turn out to be, I'll be ready to pick up and go anyway.  

Just need to wait and see.