Guiding Business

Guiding Business

Michal Duzynski | Saturday, 14 November 2020

I am after some advice guys. Recently I am doing very well with my fishing for carp. I know my grounds and where the fish are. My mate, I don't know if he is teasing me, or he’s serious tells me to start guiding for carp at the dam- just on weekends. I took his idea very lightly, but few recent events made me think more.

We had BRISBANE FLY FISHING CLUB - Carp and Tilapia day at Wyaralong dam the other day.


  At the meeting around 12+ anglers and to my huge surprise 8 of them had never fish this dam and never fly fish for carp, and after some of my carp stories backed up with photos I became THE expert( they start calling me like this) :D :D of where to go and what to do.

  Some took of in their cars to other parts of the dam, 6 went on the boat and kayaks across the dam. Me and 2 first time carp fly fishos followed my tracks.

  Me seeing fish, pointing my rod at it- they dont, I see orange lips- they dont. That is why the day was interesing I saw heaps- they saw really few, but only after me pointing it.( including the guys on the other side).

  Same happened to me at my first outings at the dam- people on the forum posting pictures of carp and saying they cast to many more close to the shore- I go there and see nothing.

  I think with time your eyes learn how to read water and what shape and colors to look for under the surface- cool.


 After there were some nice comments on a club page about me being an excellent spotter.

 On top of that a local journalist contacted me and ask to make an article about fishing for an invasive species and he is very excited to be done on a fly and he is doing an article about me- coming next Wednesday. This is making me very exited and could be a good publicity if things go on.


Now Paul;

 you guiding for a very challenging fish and say that sometimes they don't catch any. How do you deal with people disappointed faces? I know you have a good time anyway because you meeting your mates, but what happen if you get a client oustide your friends zone and the person whats to catch THE SNAKEHEAD, but things got sour? Did somebody ever asked for money back as they made an effort and caught nothing, Did they ever said that your guiding skills are shit?. " That's fishing" would not be an excuse here.



  You have some awesome days. Did it ever happen, if not what would you do if it did, that after guiding a group of guys and teaching them pike fishing, you go to the same spot a month after, and the guy who was with you a month ago is there now- in your spot with a group of his friends? What would be your approach?


 Lets continue on SL board as I have many more questions...


 Cheers, Mike