Guides you should fish with!

Guides you should fish with!

Paul Arden | Monday, 8 October 2018

There is a list out there for sure but this is the Sexyloops one. Apart from me, I can think of three others that you must meet before you die! Stuntman Ronan, Bernd Ziesche and Sex Machine Zeljko. Between the four of us I think you will have experienced all of fly fishing.

Every time I come to Europe I make a trip to Bosnia to see Sex Machine. One day of fishing with Zeljko is the equivalent to one year of learning fishing on my own. Chalkstreams, Euro-Nymphing, mastering the hardest most technical river in Europe. This is Zeljko. I cannot for the life of me recommend this guy highly enough.

If you want to learn to be a chalkstream fly fishing master then invest some money and time with this dude. Not only can he walk the talk but he is a top bloke off and on the river. 

Ronan is exactly the same spirit; hardcore fly fishing is his life. I’ve spent more time fishing and living rough with Ronan than anyone else. Ronan will not stop - ever. He is a fly fishing machine. I’ve never fished with anyone more compatible! Ronan is Mr flyfishing and would cut his nuts off if it meant a bigger fish. 

Bernd is another total fly fishing obsessive. In fact Bernd is totally nuts!! (In a good way of course).

Those are your four bases. Spend a week with Bernd in Northern Germany, drowning in the sea. Another with Zeljko in Bosnia, swimming is not out of the question here either. A week with the Stuntman in New Zealand - electrocution, shipwrecked, being shot at are all very possible - and a week with me in the Malaysian Jungle (I have tigers). 

Sexyloops is 20 years old now. Just wait until we are 50!!!

Right, I’m going fishing!!