growing old

growing old

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 6 November 2020

”Get a haircut and get real job”, George Thorogood is telling that to you. I don’t know about real job but I got my first ”adult/grow up” haircut today. Earlier I have had army look, bald and mostly goblin look. I had to make myself look somehow decent because on Saturday we are going to ”party”, confession one. Not sure about translation but it should do. My daughter will be celebrated and dad has to look something else than goblin.

Anyway this haircut made me think about some issues which I have faced lately. These issues started already two years ago but….

First one, I have problems to get line thru eye in the dark. Earlier there was no problem but now I need to have light to do it. In fact end of season I had some problems even in daylight. This made me think about glasses but that would be sign of getting old. No way, dude.

Other issue what I noticed lately is that I have sometimes difficulties in depth vision, that is not big issue and it is probably more like light and circumstances than anything else. Twice a year they check my eyes because I use contact lenses for long distance. (need to use them that I allowed to drive )

Last week I noticed that small text is problem. Well not really problem but I have to move my hand and find distance where I can read it. It looks like that time is catching me even people think that I not a day older than 35 years.

It looks like that next summer I need to have some kind of glasses to make knots etc. I hope not but…..

Have a nice weekend

Mika from Finland

Ps last Sunday we had hike in Oulanka national park, water levels are extemely high and it has been raining a lot