Great time in Bosnia

Great time in Bosnia

Paul Arden | Monday, 15 October 2018

The fishing is Bosnia was good as always. I learned a lot, caught a few fish and had a great time. On the Pliva fish were active from about 10am through to midday. And again in the evening. On Ribnik they followed a similar schedule but were active for more of the day. I personally much prefer the Pliva if only because for most of the time it was only Flavio, Zeljko and I fishing. Ribnik always feels busy!

The “neon” Tonics are incredible on that river by the way! 

I try to fish at least once per year on chalkstreams. I’m not good at this sort of fishing and really am just a beginner. Streamers - ok I know how to do this! But what I really go to learn is nymphing, particularly what they call French Nymphing. I know a lot of people don’t consider it fly fishing but I love it and wish I had known it years ago when fishing through NZ gorges. 

Anyway I’m back in Hungary now. Busy packing for the drive to UK on Tuesday and planning what I need for Malaysia soon after. Really excited to get back to the untamed fishing that is my Jungle life!

I was sorry to hear last night that my Hungarian cat was killed by a hunting dog last year. I had hoped he had found a new owner but sadly not. Maybe one of his many offspring will wander in one day!

Incidentally I had a very challenging week discussing the 5 Essentials and I could not make head nor tail of the arguments. At times it was quite surreal. Now I remember there are two sets of 5 Essentials, the original ones from 1990 and the updated ones that I first learned in 2004 when I met Bill for the first time. You can read these here

Have a great week!

Cheers, Paul

ps today’s PoD is my mum‘s sense of humour! Cool