Good stuff on the Board!

Good stuff on the Board!

Paul Arden | Monday, 28 September 2020

Some interesting discussions on the Board. I’ll post some links below. I was fly fishing for Sailfish last week for an upcoming TV show that I’m presenting. I can’t say any more than that at the moment because of Network contracts - however it’s going to be very exciting and something I’ve wanted to do since the age of 17! It has simply taken FAR longer than originally anticipated! :D

I had some fun taking shots at freeswimmers with the HT10. These are a remarkable fish. In 5 years from now my wife and I plan to leave the Malaysian lake where we live now, and adapt to a new life of sailing and fly fishing around the world. Sailfish will undoubtedly become a fish that I learn much more about.


Anyway it’s was a nice change to flyfishing  Belum-Temenggor but now it’s back to the lake to stick some Snakhead! It’s all go around here I can tell you. :)


James yesterday in his FP talked about his struggles with casting with others around, despite being in many competitions. It has started a Board discussion here -


Also on the Board is a discussion on whether fly casting loops can or indeed should be considered as waves -


Here is a topic on Handling Sailfish -


If you have a fishing, casting or tying question then be sure to send me an email so I can log you in.


Cheers, Paul