Gone fishing

Gone fishing

Paul Arden | Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Bernd has a group of ten students and is flat out teaching this and next week. Ashly and I are going fishing for a few days. I have a Zoom casting lesson on Thursday afternoon, so that gives us two morning sessions and a possible afternoon/evening. Evenings are a bit dodgy at the moment with the Wet Season fast approaching.

This is one of my favourite times of year on the lake and the lake always produces opportunities for Snakehead at the surface, either with babies or as freerising communities.

Being a relatively short stint I thought we should head East to see what’s going on there. It can provide excellent fishing and when I first starting taking day-guests here this is where I would usually fish them. When it’s good it’s really good.

Last time I was there - maybe a month ago now - I found freerisers in a totally new place. I’m curious to see if they are still there or if they’ve moved on. But I really want to check two long arms since these are territories I frequently run.

The only question is where to camp the Battleship…

Have a great day.

Cheers, Paul