Gizmo report

Gizmo report

Viking Lars | Saturday, 10 February 2018

You know me - I like my gizmoes, and the other day, I stumbled upon a nice little that I couldn't resist - and it was even quite cheap at about 5 GBP.

This is a short and quick gizmo report as I'm in a bit og a hurry for a small fly fishing event in a nearby town.

These little gizmoes are simply two clamps made to rod sections together when they're not in their sock. If you're out for a quick trip or, as I was yesterday, half an hour of practice in the park, these are quite nice, I think. Basic stroke and lengthening carry will be on top of the agenda, interspersed with some accuracy practice - because it's fun and it's very good for basic stroke as well.

Yesterday's practice was a bit of a revelation and I've got some serious rust to knock off, and it'll be good to get back into practising every now a then.

Anyway, if you're inclined to carry a second rod while fishing, these clamps are also handy as they'll keep the rod sections under control, and you won't have to hassle getting rod in and out of socks. Oh - and they're made by Stonfo in Italy.

All for now - I have to run (contratry to general belief these pages are written minuttes before publishing, apart from T.Z.'s of course, he's German so he's always got 10 pages in the system :-).

Have a great weekend!