Getting things done!

Getting things done!

Paul Arden | Monday, 1 July 2019

Yesterday Sexyloops moved from a dedicated physical server to a dedicated cloud server. There are some benefits to this, a particularly appealing one is that we should now be approaching light-speed! The migration actually became necessary because the server database software was not upgrading. So a new server became essential to keep things tip top. Consequently we took the opportunity to upgrade the server at the same time.

I know you’re thinking that I just go fishing and usually there is some truth to that! But every so often I have to put my head to the metal and sort out all the maintenance jobs. It actually started with trying to send a newsletter and I won’t bore you with the details but it’s led to a series of circumstances which has seen the Board software upgraded, the archived Board rebuilt, a new Sexyloops server, soon, the return of the irregular monthly newsletter ‘Snapcast’ and considerably more fishing time in the future!

Also we have have some new stuff coming your way: a flyline database of actual, real flyline weighs measured by loopers - this should be extremely useful I think and rather enlightening. As well as this, the CCS rod tables will be rebuilt and expanded (I have a few rods to measure as well). I’ve had a database creation module custom built for Sexyloops, so you can expect more “datatables” in the future. :)

So yep, I haven’t been out fishing much as normal recently. I know; WTF?!! But I want to get these jobs finished while I have a free window. I’m also building a separate website for guiding and casting instruction holidays here with me in the Malaysian Jungle. This will be live later this month.

Last month we had four entries in the Hot Torpedo Competition. I’ve asked Viking Lars once again to judge the winner. If you are an HT owner please remember to enter this competition! Monthly winners get to design a Sexyloops shirt of their own - it can be anything they like. And the overall winner wins a brand new custom-built Hot Torpedo fly rod! Here are the rules:

There has been plenty of interesting discussions on the Board recently and I’ve been learning a lot. Here are a few links to check to see some of what we’ve been discussing:

Lee Cummings throwing two loops, one into a wall

Engine and brakes

Stillwater fishing advice

Semi-automatic reels

Following years of (sometimes “heated”) discussions, I think we are very much closer to stepping into a new Board era where we can actually agree on more or less how a loop propagates (I know; It’s only taken 20 years!). Pretty soon we can discuss fly line tapers from this curious position and I think that will be extremely interesting.

I’ve been training hard for an upcoming 1/2 Ironman triathlon. Most mornings see me cycling 50km up and down hills in the tropical humidity. I’m still a ways from being “race fit” but I’m a hell of a lot fitter than I was a month ago! This month is predominantly bike. Next month I’m booked solid with fishing guests, so it will be shuttle runs in the jungle and open water swimming (fingers crossed I don’t meet a King Cobra - I’ve seen them swimming on the lake before!).

Lee is busy finishing up some outstanding rods this week. Amongst others, a Pro6 in Instructor white for Northern England and an HT4 for Imaginary SW Fly around Perth, West Australia. Photos of these and other rods later this week. We also sell blanks - as well as cork grips etc - for home-builds. Drop me an email if you want to learn more. And if you have built your own HT rod you can enter our competition! Please send build photos; we love to see them.

It’s time to put my foot back to the grindstone! Busy day today. Oh I’m also tying flies for milkfish, but that’s another FP - one that will come from Mystery Location X.

Have a fantastic week. 

Cheers, Paul