Getting ready for the Big Wet

Getting ready for the Big Wet

Paul Arden | Tuesday, 4 October 2022

I have had three seasons for most of my adult life. Spring, Summer and Autumn and then back to Spring, when I change hemisphere. Here in the Malaysian tropics I also think of three seasons: Wet (October to mid-Jan), Dry (mid-Jan to end of April) and “Summer” (May to October). This last one provides an intense thunderstorm every three of four days. These past years, no doubt a result of climate change, has seen the timing and intensity become less predictable.

It doesn’t suddenly become Wet, but on a normal year it does suddenly become Dry and won’t rain a drop for about 3 months. Currently we are coming into the Big Wet time of year and the forecast this year is for a belter.

While It can rain 24/7, far more commonly is for wet late afternoons, evenings and nights, leaving the much of the day available for pleasant fishing. I’ve seen the lake level rise by over a metre in 24hrs, which is a hell of a lot of water! In anticipation of this year’s monsoon, the lake is currently at very low levels. There is normally around about a ten metre difference annually, between high and low water levels.

Wet season can be truly outstanding and is without doubt the most dependable fishing of the year. The rising water encourages small fish into the bank edges to feed (and the bigger fish follow to feed on them) and also it is spawning time for Giant Snakehead. One of the most exciting and productive methods of fly fishing for Giant Snakehead, is to find the two parenting adults looking after their young.

One thing I’ve come to love here is heavy tropical rainstorms. Particularly now that I have the Battleship and can keep it at arm’s length! You’ll know what it’s like if you live in the tropics.

I have a few bookings in October and November but still slots available. So if you fancy visiting Malaysia at this time of year then drop me an email on

I’m posting a video today on YouTube about rod and line planes. It follows a video I posted for Jarmo on the Board about Open Stance Distance body movement.

Have a great week!

Cheers, Paul