Getting ready and stressed

Getting ready and stressed

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 6 May 2022

Reindeer are out in the wild, some boys still home. It has been snowing, raining and sun shine. Spring is coming even we still have almost 50 cm snow. Yesterday I took snowmobile ride and went to check how reindeer are doing. You could even walk on top of snow. Today things are different. We (read Satu) have been getting ready for our trip.

We (still read Satu) have been bought some things which we might need in Malaysia, like bigger luggage, some clothes etc. We have been getting ready for trip, (still read Satu). There have been lot of things to do and still are. We have to get our reindeer herding bookkeeping ready before departure. If not totally at least most of that. It has to give forward no later than First of June and we should be back in Finland 29th of May.

We got our neoprene socks, ( I had to order second pair also, first was too tight). Some new lines for fishing, I have now one tropical line for my 8 rod. I know Paul have lot of them but still. We need to buy coffee for Paul and us. To be honest you can’t live with me if I won’t get morning coffee. I do like slow mornings. Basicly our fishing gears are pretty much ready and I do have weekend to pack and go thru those.

Today I will pick up 40 flies to Sungai Tiang project and maybe some other stuff. I have agreement about two rafts for them also, one might be small project (there has to be something for Paul, otherwise his life is too easy). I will check some tippets and other stuff also. I should be pretty much okay to go. And then yesterday evening it hit me……

I realize that traveling nowadays is not so simple, well kind of it is, you just need to have more documents. So yesterday evening I start to fill up and register us that we are coming. That was kind of simple but I had to search few address, phone numbers etc. I got feeling that I might be going Russia instead Malaysia. They wanted to get so much pre-info. We still have few things to sort out, those are mostly around corona testing, we need to have one before departure and one within 24 hours after arrival. The thing is that application don’t show any testing place in Kuala Lumpur or Penang, so somehow I need to get someone to take one at the airport. Why the hell they don’t have testing place at the airport. That is something we have in here.

So now I’m starting to stress out, not about trip itself but all the paper work I have to do before. Other thing I stressing is my vision. Two weeks ago it hit me and even with glasses I had problems to see close and I had some areas in long distance that it was not like it use to be. I use contact lenses and now I have few pairs in test during the weekend. I have to find good pair so I can get more of those before leaving. Idea is that I would have multi-power contact lenses, only issue is that those are only daily use and when out… well I have to change them each day.

Anyway we are pretty much ready to go. We will make lot of questions to Paul before leaving anyway.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing

Mika the Legend

Ps. just before putting this online, I got email that we have to wait 6 extra hours in Kuala Lumpur before flight to Penang, nothing comes easy.