Getting busy

Getting busy

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 18 August 2023

My plans about fishing were gone right after I had written last week's FP. Forecast gave us few days to make hay for wintertime, so I jumped on the tractor and started to help a friend on Friday.

Saturday was hay making, Sunday also and the plan was to get our hay on Monday. There was some broken machine and tractor during hay making. Then Monday morning I woke up when it was raining. Hay for us was cut on Sunday so we were on the edge of the catastrophe. Some extra work in the Monday evening to get water off and let the hay dry over night. Tuesday hay making and get them in the plastic. Maintain for the machines and we are done with hay.

Just on time. Wednesday I got bales off from the field and Thursday was guiding. That will be next week FP, Super Lady.

I will be busy with guiding for the next ten days. Friday and Saturday I have a group from Finland. There are some beginners and one little bit more experienced fisherman, with him we have to practise dry fly fishing. I have been guiding him a few times before and he needs to get better with dries. He has problems with presentations.

The weather for Friday looks good, warming up a little after chilly days (+10 celsius/50F). We're gonna fish my favourite area in the Kitka river, some hiking, beautiful views and good fishing.

Saturday is a question mark, I have to see weather and then also if they want to fish running trout.

Friday evening I'm having a guest from Germany. He will stay in our ReindeerNook and we will fish 9 days. He is a total beginner in flyfishing, never fished with flies before. It will be busy and a great week.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing

Mika the legend