generic czech nymph

generic czech nymph

t.z. | Friday, 1 December 2017

Maybe one of the simplest of all nymphs, but certainly one of the most effective patterns ever. It´s specifically famous amongst competition anglers.

That should not stop you though.


Materials needed:

  • CZ grub style or straight nymph hook – I prefer hooks with “big” eyes, as mine are getting bad. Hook size 16 to 10 approximately. I prefer this pattern in size 10 or 12.

  • Dyneema thread

  • “Flexibody” by Virtual Nymph products. In preparation you need to cut a 2 to 3mm wide strip off the card.

  • Dubbing

  • Adhesive lead foil

  • Copper wire

That pattern is "generic", meaning you can & should change the colours and the type of dubbing ad lib.