From the jungles…

From the jungles…

Paul Arden | Friday, 22 October 2021

Quick one from me because our usual Friday FP writer is hunting a wolf. Now I don’t know how many other FFing publications have this sort of problem, but here at Sexyloops nothing is unusual when you have contributors from around the world. Mika’s life always springs up surprises however! So a quick round up on events that are happening my end.

Taking about fly rods first, I’ve been working very hard on the HT5 testing. I think we actually have it now. It’s taken a long time. Many years, but this rod feels perfect for me and sits in exactly where it should between HT4 and HT6. The past few years we have released new models in the New Year and this is looking likely. I’ll make a decision shortly.

Brexit created huge problems for us, as expected of course. We now have a second rod building studio in Spain. This is for EU orders. I haven’t managed yet to get fully organised with rod stocks, which basically means doubling inventory, so while we build rods in Spain as well as the UK now, it’s not the fast slick well-oiled machine that Lee is. But the quality is the same high exacting HT standards and, over time, as we grow, I think we will completely overcome the Brexit issue (at least that part of it!) and probably by early season next year. So if you are an EU customer and want one of the finest flyrods in the Universe, a rod that catches fish by magic, then drop me an email!

Next week I’m in Sungai Tiang on a four day trail building course. This really interests me and I love learning new skills. It will be nice to catch up with my Orang Asli friends too. I will be taking the HT5 prototype and will see how it handles Mahseer. Also I hope to find time to revisit the Wiggle Cast and correct something I said in the original teaching video. Yes I make mistakes too, sometimes. Often in fact!!

Before then, this weekend, I hope to complete a video on boat positioning techniques and considerations for taking Snakehead shots. I have the footage, I just need to edit it and film some diagrams explaining a few things in line detail. Hopefully I find the time between now and next Tuesday.

I’ve been drone flying too. Great fun, apart from the feelings of vertigo, panic, the cold sweats when you can hear the drone but not see it… well anyway, it’s quite addictive!

Cheers, Paul