Fresh Water Trout Here I Come!!!

Fresh Water Trout Here I Come!!!

Glenda | Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The club of which I am a member is going on a club trip this coming weekend. We are going to NSW to fish for trout in lakes.....they are stocked lakes but still sufficient to get me excited about the prospect of landing a trout again for the first time since 2009!!! I need some confidence since my endeavours in salt water fly fishing have produced less than desirable results. Plus, there is another female going! Unheard of in my years of fly fishing so all good.

 SLOOPS The video this week is from a local (Australian) television series called IFISH. This episode celebrates 150 years of trout in Tasmania. There is a bit of history, a lot of fly fishing, and some local heroes of mine but there is also some spin rod fishing and some of those gruesome photos from the past where all fish caught were kept and photographed like trophies....oh, and the host is notorious for keeping fish out of the water for too long....ugh.  Worth a look even though it is 42 minutes long.... and it relates to my FP this week.

The place we will be fishing is called Uncle Billys Retreat ( and will take me about 5.5 hours to get there, considerably less time than the 12 hours it probably took Paul to reach the Highlands recently, so nothing for me to complain about there.

I have packed all my warm gear including thermals (haven't had to wear thermals in the three years since relocating to Queensland) as I am told it will be cold with lots of frost.  I haven't been able to locate my thigh waders as yet (next on my task list) but have breathable waders and, the obligatory, neoprenes which I am guessing will be my choice of outfit for the three days. Even though I am not sure the cold of NSW will equal the cold of the southern states of Australia, I will be prepared just in case.  Hell, my nickname is 40 coats girl so I have lots of choices!  Must admit, I am looking forward to some cold weather for a change....perfect weather every day can be taken for granted...

Here are some of the flies I intend to use on the weekend.  The three little flies on the top in the second column are blue and I reckon blue is a good colour for trout - I have no idea why but I have had a lot of luck with small blue flies with trout previously, so here's hoping.


I will be taking my six and four weight rods but hoping to limit myself to the four only - there are some good size trout in the lakes and will be a thrill to net a 6lber on a four wt.

Photos next week of the fruits of our fun and any of those "what happens on the trip, stays on the trip" moments....if I can get the guys to sign a waiver whilst they are still drunk!  Hey Jonno and Stu, promise you will not be compromised, if the payment is right!

Have a good week fishing, cheers Glenda