French Nymphing article lost

French Nymphing article lost

Paul Arden | Monday, 9 January 2017

I've just spent one hour looking for a guest article on French Nymphing but can't find the damn thing! So, sorry about that. I'll look for it again later this week. But right now it's 17.50 and I only have 1.5hrs of daylight left and it's primetime to catch a Giant Snakehead of Giant Gourami.

Something else I would like to mention is that TZ sent me a message that he was "burning deer hair". I believe he is working on a very interesting project that should excite you. 

Right I do actually have to go now, because I'm tucked into a tight bay and I can hear an elephant above me. Have a great day.

Cheers, Paul

PS movies next week Cool