Four months to go

Four months to go

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 31 January 2020

Finally we have winter in here. Well we have had it since November but I mean cold weather, few days we had below -20 celsius and still around – 15. This is better for reindeer and we need to have this cold season. It should be longer but let’s see how it keep going. Even there is some changes in climate our average tempetarure has still been about same. It just means that if we have warm winter, summer will be cold. That we would have even decent summer we need to have cold winter or at least periods with cold. If rain average is staying same it might mean dry summer.

So season is beginning 1.6. That means that it four month to go. We have now about 1 meter snow, some places more so it has been snowing a lot. That could mean that we have dry summer but only time will show. Older people says that December’s/January’s weather is telling about weather in June but kind of opposite. That would mean that begin of June will be cold and rainy and end of June it would get warmer. Begin of July again colder and rainy and then getting warm again.

This kind of forecastin is not accurate, but my experience is that it is giving some kind of baselines. Anyway if snow level is looking like that we gonna have good water level in the beginning of season. And there is always but…. it depends how spring comes, with rain or just sun and wind. Other side is that when we have so much snow now it could mean dry summer.

When writing this I feel like politician, it will go like this but could be otherwise also. Anyway I’m looking forward to end of winter and coming summer. Then it is nice to come and see from here how wrong I was. Now I have to run, we have busy weekend coming and also February. I have been doing long days with Satu but enjoying every moment. It has been like fishing, bad day in fishing is better than good day at work.

Have a nice weekend

Mika from Finland