Foul Weather, Largemouth Bass & Attention Deficit Disorder

Foul Weather, Largemouth Bass & Attention Deficit Disorder

Andy Dear | Sunday, 31 March 2019

Trying to predict the weather in Texas is a crap shoot at best. Especially during the spring when you'd probably have a better chance at winning the Powerball lotto than getting an accurate weather forecast. It can be frustrating, but when the stars do align and the climate decides to cooperate, the Largemouth Bass fishing in South Texas can be downright obscene.

  After several cancellations earlier in the month due to high winds and flooded back roads, it looks like things are starting to stabilize a little bit. By the time you read this, I will hopefully have been on what will mark the first official Bass fishing trip of 2019. My good buddy Bill Fetech and I will be  fishing a pair private lakes for trophy Largemouth Bass. Two weeks ago, one of these lakes produced a behemoth well over 11 pounds. If the local meteorologist is correct, tomorrow (which will be yesterday for you readers) is supposed to be cloudy with light winds and the day before a cold front....absolutely PERFECT conditions.
Bill and I met through a local fishing club that provides access to private lakes that are strictly managed for catch and release trophy Bass fishing. Although he is not a fly fisherman, Bill is one of the most technical and methodical anglers I have ever met. I've watched him on more than a few occasions park his Kayak over some mid-lake, deep water structure and literally pick it apart, fish by fish with surgical like precision. He has the patience and tenacity of a sniper, and is more than willing to engage just about any Largemouth in a seemingly endless staring contest to see who blinks first....and its usually not Bill.
  I always enjoy watching fisherman like this, mainly because I am NOT a fisherman like this. My modus operandi is to constantly be on the move. If a spot doesn't produce after a dozen casts, its time to move on. I once heard legendary Bass angler Rick Clunn say "The really good fishermen I know are NOT patient fisherman". I agree with Rick, patience is NOT a virtue in my angling book. Plus, that approach helps to placate my low level ADHD. Who am I kidding, when it comes to chasing double digit Largemouths my ADHD is anything BUT low level.
  In all seriousness, I am really amped about fishing these private lakes with a fly rod this season. These fish see very few, if any flies thrown at them throughout the year. My son and I have been tying up some slightly modified, old school Tarpon flies strictly for this purpose. If the ferocity with which they devour a conventional soft plastic jerk bait is any indication, they should absolutely slaughter an Apte Too, Seaducer, or a Keys style Cockroach.

  More to follow on this and several other new "developments" here in South Texas. In the meantime, I hope that the first quarter of 2019 finds you as excited about this year's angling pursuits as I am.

Hope you all have a great week!