Flytying, light and +1 readers

Flytying, light and +1 readers

Viking Lars | Saturday, 3 November 2018

For many, many years I did quite well with any normal desk lamp when tying flies. Sufficient light and well away from everything, so it didn’t interfere with the tying. I’m 44 now, and I’ve been making a point of still having 20-20 ninja vision for several years as I’ve seen my friends begin using readers.

It’s just one of those things that, whether you like it or not, indicates the decay of age. Up until about 3/4 of a year ago I had no trouble tying a #22 dry without any other visual aid that a lamp (I must admit to having noted a few years ago that I needed better and better light). And then, all of a sudden one’s entered the “reading glasses age”.

I’m still only at +1, but I’m being reassured by several people that that’ll change soon enough. I can still read and do practically everything without readers, but the smallest flies now require readers. And hell, another sure sign of life’s changing cycles is that we start talking about these things. Just a few weeks ago I had to kill a discussion between Paul, Lee and myself on readers. Hell, we’re supposed to talk flyfishing, campfires, mans hit and drink beer, not discussing how strong our readers are…

But - this is not about that really, it’s about sufficient light for flitting. Recent years have seen several, flytying specific lamps emerge on the market.

I believe that Marc Petitjean was the first to release the type of lamp that clamps onto the vise stem. Petitjean’s is even equipped with a nice tool rack, which is the part that holds the lamp to the vise.

Today there are several others available on the market. I use this one, since it’s Danish made. It has so many advantages that it’s the only light I ever use now. It’s relatively light weight, it packs well enough, it fits any vise I’ve ever seen, and it has a tool rack as well. It runs off either the socket in the wall, or a powerbank. I have a big powerbank which powers the light for at least 6 hours. Nice and convenient.

So if you’re looking into a good light for your flytying, take a look at one of these new lamps.

Have a great weekend,