Flyline Longevity

Flyline Longevity

Viking Lars | Saturday, 2 September 2017

There are many reasons for flylines lasting a long time, or having a short life. Most of the lines I have that have lasted a very long time don't see much use - so that's one way of making them last: Stay at home, don't go fishing :-). But there are of course many other reasons as well. Quality being one of them - low quality lines just don't have as many fishing hours in them as good ones do.

Bruce Richards is on record for saying that dirt is the No. 1 reason that sometimes flylines wear out fast. Now I'm going to disagree with Bruce. Yes, Bruce "Chief Line Designer and Guru at Scientific Angers" Richards and I disagree with him :-).

Well, at least I think there's another very common reason why some wear out their lines faster than others. I've seen people who only fish occasionally wear out lines faster then others who fish much more.

And I believe that many flyfishers wear out their lines in the way they pull line off the reel. If you stick the rod in air, and pull line off the rell, you're pulling it off at a sharp angle to the reel frame, putting excessive wear on both the reel and the line.

Like this (please excuse the desk top pictures - I've made small videos with a GoPro and the memory card is temporarily gone. I'll put them in another page when I find it again). But notice the sharp angle between line and rod causing the line to pull off over the bottom of the frame. And that I believe is another *very* important reason why some wear their lines fast. And with the many new textured flylines on the market, you'll also put excessive wear on your reel.

The fix? Easy - check the PoD. Just pull the line off the reel parallel to the rod. No wear on neither line nor reel, and flyline wear is now reduced.

Have a great weekend!