Fly tying, Tour de France and a few other bits and pieces

Fly tying, Tour de France and a few other bits and pieces

Viking Lars | Saturday, 5 September 2020

I love professional cycling - I wtch all the races on the World Tour that I have access to, so I'm thouroughly enjoying Tour de France at the moment. Some stages are a bit boring, typically the flat sprinter stages, where it's fine to just catch the last 20km (like I did yesterday, and missed a big turn of events at the peloton broke in three groupds from an attack in the sidewind from Peter Sagan's team - typical). Even mountain stages can be a little boring when the GC riders decide to wait for the last climb before they make their moce, but often, mountain stages like today's are excellent entertainment.

I don't watch every minute, but often just leave the TV on as I do other things around the house. And as I've written about before, I really enjoy sitting down at the vice and watch the TdF as I tie flies. My desk is behind the TV, so I simply turn the TV around, and the aftermoon's entertainment is on.

I have promised a friend a handful of Mickey Finns for this autumn, so I'll tie those and probably some more. I have a few ideas for new flies/techniques floating around in my head I want to try ouy. And I have to try and source from fairly heavy plactic zip lock bags in A5-size (or there about) for a leader wallet I'm trying to make.

I have two primary lines I use for casting practice - a Scientific Anglers Expert Distance and a Thunderbolt. They both need a good cleaning - my last practice session was on a lawn still wet from rain. And while some water on the line makes it a pleasure to cast, a wet lawn really can make your lines dirty. And you should remember to clean them, since a dirty line can wreak havoc on the rings on your rod (and the line itself). Some lubricant on a cloth doesn't cut it. You need warm(ish) water, soap and a cloth to clean it peoperly. Then apply some Shoot, so it's ready for the next session. It takes less than 10 minutes, and the time is well spent - your lines simply last longer.

All from me today - today's TdF stage transmission begins in about 30 minutes (yes, sorry I'm late with the FP) and I want a bite to eat before it begins).

Have a great weekend!