Fly Tying Nights all week long

Fly Tying Nights all week long

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 24 January 2018

While fly fishing my home waters during the days I was fly tying during the nights - mostly finished at around 4 am. This week I was creating some Crab flies (ALIEN crab included).

I don't know exactly how many flies I am tying during my yearly fishing season. Since I am into fly tying most of my days - better nights, it should be around 500 flies. For me it's often about creating the one fly that really comes with the best performance fishing-wise in my next fishing day.

Anyway right now I am tying Tarpon and Permit flies for a Caribbean trip I am planning this year. Probably due to looking forward to that trip a lot I took quite an unusual amount of time to create some of these flies - especially the crab flies. Some of these new flies didn't stand the test in the water while those in the pictures below did. I am always testing new flies in the water and casting wise before finally adding them into my fly box.

Also I never tie more than one or two flies before having made sure, that they truly work. I don't want to carry a box full of flies that I then will never hang on because I don't fully trust them. I take it you know exactly what I am talking about!? ;)

After having survived some pretty tough fishing and teaching fly casting conditions during the last days, the weather seems to be back above ZERO degrees (Celsius) tomorrow (Wednesday). That's why I am writing this front page Tuesday night. Wednesday morning I will start fishing for the whole day! The weather forecast promises 12° Celsius in the day, which is a record high since a while now. Hopefully some pike and zander will like that as well!?

Right now I need to create one more crab fly!

Cheers and good night!

All my best

Last week pictures... ;)

Crab flies for Permit