Fly Lines - Information Needed

Fly Lines - Information Needed

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 28 April 2021

What information do you want to have about a fly line?

I want:

  1. Density. No, "slow intermediate, intermediate, fast intermediate, hover" and so on don't count! Even for a floating line I want to know, what density it comes in as there are quite differences.
  2. Profile. I want to know it's shape over it's length. This includes information about the overall length obviously.
  3. Weight. I want to know the weight of the head, when working with the head mostly or if I am going to use it on a different length, I want to know weight for the relevant length. Oh, should I add, that I don't need wrong (cheating) AFFTA numbers?
  4. Stretch. I want to know how much stretch the line has. Very important key factor in fishing!
  5. Strength. I want to know the breaking strength.
  6. Color. Btw. color changes at line hand position would be much better than those changes at tip position. Our tips get too fast!
  7. Stiffness. I want to have information about the stiffness of the line.
  8. Performance based on temperature. How does the line do in what temperature?
  9. Surface. I want to know what form the line surface has.
  10. Durabilty. Just tell the truth about what we get for our money here!
  11. Price.
  12. What was it designed for? This often can help a lot.

Too much for the package? Well, create short easy numbers on each!

Ok, I have brilliant blue sky and need to run into the water right now!

Great week to all of you!

All my best