Fly Fishing Year 2017

Fly Fishing Year 2017

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Just back home - fly fishing trip reports 2016 are online ( - trips for 2017 are organized and the details are on our website either. If you are looking for an (educational) hosted fly fishing trip or any sort of fly casting lesson, pls. check our website.

Yes, we are back home from German-Pike-Wonderland! Hard to believe, I know. ;) Right now we have just finished all trip reports (2016) on our first cast website as well as organizing all events for 2017. In January we will start right away with several fly casting courses in Germany!

Our last days in German-Pike-Wonderland have been a blast. The conditions were still hard due to a too high salt level in the brackish water. But it's fair to say we managed to help our fine (Italien) guests to get linked to some serious pike.

Many thanks to all our guests for sharing a fantastic time on fly fishing for pike this autumn/winter!

Merry Christmas and a great week to all of you. Looking forward to meet YOU next year!!!

It's 1 am and I am very sleepy right now. (Yes, I too have to sleep inbetween all the fishing. ;) ) So, I have to run... Tomorrow I'll have some serious distance fly casting waiting for us. Can't wait!

All my best

Some excellent fish during our last days within the past week!