Fly Fishing Trips 2017

Fly Fishing Trips 2017

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Fly Fishing School Bernd Ziesche: Lots of educational fly fishing trips ahead in 2017!

Our fly fishing school schedule 2017 is set.

As it looks right now again there isn't a single week left in which I won't be teaching fly fishing this year. Fantastic - thanks to all of you making this possible!

Fly Fishing trips:

Fly Fishing for (coastal) Sea trout on Gotland (Swedish island) in April: 3 trips (7 days each)

Fly Fishing for Atlantic salmon in Skjern river (Denmark) in Mai: 1 trip (7 days)

Fly Fishing for Atlantic salmon in Mörrum river (Sweden) in Mai/June: 1 trip (7 days)

Fly Fishing for Grayling, Brown trout and Pike in Glomma river (and mountain lakes) in June: 2 trips (7 days each)

Fly Fishing for Cod, Pollack, Makerel, Sea trout and more on Smöla (Norwegian island): 1 trip in July (7 days)

Fly Fishing for (coastal) Sea trout and Mullet on Samsö (Danish island): 2 trips in September (7 days each)

Fly Fishing for Pike on Rügen (German island) October - December: 2 months (1 to 60 days = your choice)


Fly Fishing for (coastal) Sea trout in Denmark in April, Mai and Septemeber: 2 days each

Fly Fishing for Pike Perch/Zander (and Pike) on Rügen (German island) in July: 2 or 3 days (your choice)

Fly Casting Courses:

All year round. Lots of courses in Germany. February in Switzerland. March in Spain. July in Norway. October in Austria

If you are interested in joining us in an educational (hosted) fly fishing trip, in one of our fly casting courses or workshops we are looking forward to get in contact for further information:

Fly fishing, fly casting, fly tying and most important: enjoying fly fishing and getting away from the daily routine  - we do our best to make all our fly fishing trips special and matching your desires best possible!

In all our events we match individually the content/schedule with YOUR targets/desires!

Great week to all of you!

All my best

Some fly casting during the past (cold) days.
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