Fly Fishing Smöla 2019

Fly Fishing Smöla 2019

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Last week we hosted a fly fishing trip to Smöla island in Norway. Fair to summarize we all had a blast catching a lot of excellent fish!

We caught cod, different sorts of pollack, makrel and more. Besides having caught a lot of well sized fish, we also lost some strong fights. Some strong leaders were broken and even two heavy rods broke as well!

I truly love to fly fish the Norwegian fjords. Besides fishing almost 24/7 (so just enough for me ;) ) while enjoying the midnight sun all night long, the Norwegian fjords around Smöla offer a lot of different species of fish as well as a fair chance to hook up with some really big fish. No need to tell the nature offers a brilliant surrounding in addition.

On most trips to Smöla we lost a few big fish by breaking our (pretty strong) leaders or even our fly lines. Pollocks are truly strong figthers right in the beginning of the fight. It's hard (sometimes impossible) to stop them running straight down into the weeds. Perfect chances to gain some serious experience in fighting fish on the fly rod.

We all agreed to have had a brilliant week!

By the way there is a proper discussion about wearing a life vest (or not) when fishing from a boat here on the Sexyloops board:

SAFETY thread

For me this has always been clear. I grew up on boats and learnt: A life vest can only safe you, if you put it on BEFORE something happens. Since we can't breeze under water, it doesn't need heavy weather conditions or anything like that, to die. All it needs is you falling in the water and passing out. Just one example: You slip and your head hits the boat just before falling in the water afterwards. Fishing Smöla there was no discussion. I wouldn't go out, if anyone denies to put on a life vest!

Back home I went directly back into fly fishing for asp and carp. Both went well and I started with catching some fine fish right away.

During the next days I will have holidays and of course will be fly fishing all around the clock! Chasing (big) asp will be high up on my list here!

Great fly fishing week to all of you!

All my best


Some pictures of our last days...

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