Fly Fishing Rügen Island - Update

Fly Fishing Rügen Island - Update

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 16 November 2016

At this moment I am in the water with my today clients teaching them how to catch pike in a time when our pike almost completely hesitate to take any fly. Unfortunately we got too much saltwater entering our brackish water und due to that pike nearly completely stopped feeding for a week now.

Within just three days we had the lowest water level I saw within years directly followed by one of the highest water levels I ever saw here. Most of this water coming back to our inner island bays was directly from the outer Baltic sea offering a slightly higher salt level. At the same time the temperature dropped significantly. Pike as I have realized many times before have problems when the water gets cold and too salty at the same time.

Sea trout have the same trouble!

So right now I have to find a spot for today in which we hopefully still can catch one or two proper fish. The next days the weather is getting warmer again and hopefully that will turn on most pike's feeding mood again. Can't wait for that to happen! ;)

Great fishing week to all of you.

All my best

Some pictures from the last days...

ruegen island pike