Fly Fishing Norway

Fly Fishing Norway

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Fly fishing in Norway simply is outstanding - always. Within 25 years of fly fishing Norway, the Norwegian waters never let me down. This year again we are catching a lot of fine fish, many different species of fish involved.

After we successfully have been fishing 2 weeks for grayling, Brown trout, broad whitefish, pike and perch in the famous Glomma river and it's tributaries, we now are fishing for pollack, cod, makrel and more in the Norwegian fjordland. I love to be here. The nature with all the small islands is fantastic and the water holds many different species of fish. Some are quite big and strong though.

Right now (midnight) we are sitting in the car in front of a truly hot spot and having some minutes before the tide will be perfect to start fishing again. 

After we arrived in the evening I did have some quick casts and started right of with some fine pollacks. Couldn't habe been any better!?

Well what can I see. You know me. I have to run into the water now. Can't wait to get another pull at the end of my line!

I hope you are having a fine fishing week as well.

All my best


P.s.: Again many thanks to Hein van Aar for guiding me into a record grayling of 2,15Kg! Also many thanks to Gudmund Nygaard for sharing all the information on his fish spot website. We couldn't have found all the great waters without your help, guys!

Some impressions of our last days...

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