Fly Fishing Non Stop

Fly Fishing Non Stop

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 19 May 2021

It's all about fly fishing!

Right now (10am) I finished my early shift. Started fly fishing for asp 4:30 am. During the past week I caught lots of large carp, many asp and some pike as well. I didn't do anything but fishing and teaching fly casting. Exactly what I was made for!

This obviously is the best to be happy and ignore all the political crazyness around me.

I will have breakfast now, then have a little sleep before starting to fish late shift again. Asp love low light = early and late. That makes for short nights, if one wants to master them! I organize my whole day around being able to precisely hit the best fishing periods. That to me is highest possible quality in fishing well worth some anti mainstream sleeping times and dosis.

Great fishing to all of you.

All my best