Fly Fishing Lock Down

Fly Fishing Lock Down

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 27 January 2021

A fly fishing lock down is without doubt the last thing anyone of us needs! I understand not all of you agree. So we agree to disagree - fair enough!

Paul again has been locked up in fishing the jungle of Malaysia. Also other areas of our planet have been locked up. Some of these areas were immediately re-opened due to heavy protests, but some remained closed at least for quite a while. All that to avoid the covid 19 virus to further spread in a too high rate.

Well, personally I believe that it's me being responsable in the first place to take care of myself. If I don't take care of myself, then how could the goverment succeed to put me safe!?

I don't need to be locked up only to then get very frustrated and weaker day by day probably ending up becoming ill. I need to be outside for getting fresh oxygen, enjoying the sunlight and all the fine nature. When fishing I have all that in a way I obviously never could within my living room. The restrictions and guidelines all goverments lay over us are so extremely different not just from country to country but from the smallest district to the next one, that to me it's obvious no one has a solution yet. Based on that I think no one should have the right te kill what to me is most important: FREEDOM! I know at least the Scots will understand me.

I am fine with some of the rules, but with far more I am nowhere near to agree them to be appropriate. Many rules have proved to not having worked out, but I didn't hear a single politician saying the simple words "I was wrong." So why would I trust any of them anymore? Too many of them are just lying again and again trying to cover their misleading former decisions.

So I went fishing all week long trying to keep myself within a positive mood. Seems to me the goverment is doing their best to bring down all positive mood.

Hopefully you are in a proper mood and our all future soon will be taken back to what we used to understand as being "normal".

Great week to all of you!

All my best