Fly Fishing Gotland Sea Trout

Fly Fishing Gotland Sea Trout

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The (COASTAL) Sea trout often is called to be the "fish of the one thousand casts". For me it's not anymore.But when starting to fly fish catching Sea trout easily may become quite a serious challenge.

Having a group of beginners joining me Sea trout fishing these days I am happy to yet have helped three of the guys catching their very first Sea trout. These moments are always special and I love to share them!
This spring Gotland provides a pretty tough fishing. Not too many Sea trouts are available. Most of those Sea trout we caught where smaller ones between 45 and 55cm. Excellent fish to start fly fishing with of course! In addition we long line released some bigger ones.
Today we will have excellent weather (perfect wind direction + speed). Right now we will start out the day with a large breakfast and then spent an hour (or two) on grass improving our fly casting skills before we will head out to the beautiful Gotland Baltic coast again. Hopefully I can find the right spot to make another first Sea trout on fly happening today!?
Days are pretty long for me on these educational fly fishing trips. Anyway I love to do precisely what I was made to do for. Live couldn't be better at the moment!
I wish all of you a great fly fishing week either!
All my best

Some impressions of the last days...

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