Fly Fishing for PIKEPERCH

Fly Fishing for PIKEPERCH

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Last Wednesday I offered a few thoughts about sharing one’s fishing hot spots or not. An interesting discussion followed on the Sexyloops board.

Seems to me like a fair number of anglers want to share their fish (porn) pictures to a (world) wide audience (for example on facebook) – I think (often) in order to get recognized – but don’t want to share the information about WHERE the fish were caught. Some anglers don’t even want to share their fishing spots with their friends. I share all my fishing with my friends. That does include my fishing (hot) spots as well! At the same time I may decide not to give away the information about a fishing spot to the worldwide audience (as I have it on facebook). Yes, facebook likes to call them friends, but to me becoming friends means far more than just a click on the facebook network site.

Of course everyone has to make his/her own decisions about what information to share and what not…

During the week I was teaching a lot. I ran a Skagit style double handed fly casting course, a Scandinavien style double handed fly casting course and a single handed fly fishing for beginners course. All great fun lots to learn for sure.

In between the lessons I was fishing for pike perch and designing new (different) flies in order to improve my techniques on pike perch. At the end of the pictures below you may find the “Tockfly”. A fly (tied on a tube) which knocks on the pike perch door for sure! It drops down fast and creates a fair sound in the rocks, just where the fish are (mostly). As a bonus this fly is able to keep the hook away from the rocks and offers it perfectly for the pike perch to suck it in. At the moment this is my number one fly and indeed I nailed down a pretty good (sized) fish just a few days ago!

Quite some people now asked me for the fly line set up I fish on pikeperch. In shallow water I use a floating shooting head combined with different density poly leaders. That makes it easy to match for everything between 0,5 and 2,5m water depth. For the deeper spots (often with current included) I use heavy sinking heads – also combined with poly leaders. My tippet includes titanium (8Kg), if pikes are around. If no pikes are available, I use 0,30-0,40mm nylon – depending on the rocks. Many rocks = 0,40mm and only small stones (or none) = 0,30mm. I never go below 0,30mm. Pike perch are not much leader shy unless we fish in clear water, which is very unusual for this species of fish!

In my book fly fishing for pike perch is fantastic and yet still only a very few fly fishermen do it. Completely opposite to spin fishermen that is. They have discovered pike perch to be among their favorites long time ago – for proper reason that was!

Great catchy week to all of you!

All my best

Bernd Ziesche

Fly Fishing School