Fly Fishing for Atlantic salmon means to NEVER give up

Fly Fishing for Atlantic salmon means to NEVER give up

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Just coming back from fly fishing the Danish Skjern river for Atlantic salmon this morning I went dircetly back into teaching fly casting in the afternoon. After the lesson I had some time to reflect the past week.

We had a great week chasing SILVER all week long. We started to fish at 7 every morning. At around 12 we went back to our fine vacation and had a nice lunch + some dry fly fishing for rainbow trouts in a lake next to our house. Then at 4 - 5 pm we started to fly fish the river for Atlantic salmon another 4 - 5 hours. All in all that made for fly fishing 10 - 12 hours every day - just about perfect, we agreed.

No doubt catching a salmon wasn't anything one would call to be an easy game. Infact it was quite the opposite. Always hoping for the one take (per week) to happen we all fished hard. Two of us were able to land a salmon in the end. Frank caught a fantastic silver bomb of ca. 12 Kg and I landed a smaller one (ca. 6Kg)  and then lost a third one as well. Since we have been 4 fly fishermen in our group this was a pretty fair result.

I hardly ever see the whole group catching Atlantic salmon - not even in Russia at rivers were a hell lot more cash is needed for the fishing.

I caught my fish during the final hours as usual. My best friend often said: "Bernd just doesn't know how to give up catching at least one fish in a fishing trip." I think there is a lot of truth in that. I often could land a great fish within just the last seconds of a trip. In salmon fishing it is important to always stay patient and keep up concentration until the last cast. And yes, the last cast wasn't really the last one if you didn't repeat it several times!

The next 2 days we will fly fish for asp, carp, pike and pike perch before we will run (single and double hand) fly casting courses during the weekend again.

In 10 days we will run our hosted fly fishing trips to Norway: 2 weeks on Brown trout, grayling and pike + 1 week on the ocean for several species of fish. Of course we can't wait to start! :)

Great week and hopefully lots of fishing to all of you!

All my best

P.s.: Back in Denmark we of course met up with Viking Lars and shared an evening fishing and talking about the fine new Hot Torpedo 10wt. - a great tool for sure!

Some impressions as usual...

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