Fly Fishing, Fly Casting and Fly Tying all week long

Fly Fishing, Fly Casting and Fly Tying all week long

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 31 January 2018

At the moment (all last week long) I am very busy fishing for pike and tying excellent flies for Tarpon and Permit. Fishing starts with the sunrise, while sunset means fly tying ahead in the night.

My friend Holger and I are planning a trip to some Carribean water pretty soon! So I have a significant need for some great flies. Great flies to me are those:

- being easy castable

- not getting tangeled (even on improper casts)

- not twisting my leader casting or stripping wise

- being strong (surviving as much fish as possible)

- moving in great action

- matching in size and color

- matching in the sink (or none) sink rate

- simply looking sexy to the fish

I prefer to tie some own (new) flies instead of copying some of the most common patterns. Ok, I had to add two Clouser Minnows to my box. ;)

Besides that you may find some of my new flies in the pictures below. Right now it's TIME to go fishing. This year Paul and I start even since we both have fished every day all Jan long. Of course in the end of the year I'll have a few more fishing days again. :b

I am pretty sure that in my area there are still a lot of fly fishermen thinking not to have any fine fishing possibilties in winter time and thus don't fish at all these months. Guess what, they are all wrong! There are lots of fine fishing situations for various species of fish (pike just being one) at the moment. Maybe it would be worth start thinking outside the (WINTER) box!?

Of course then again it's not too bad to be the only fly fisherman on all my homewaters at the moment! ;)

Great fishing week to all of you! All my best

Some pictures below... 

Fly fishing, fly casting and and fly tying all week long