Fly Fishing Flemish Cap Germany

Fly Fishing Flemish Cap Germany

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 2 November 2016

"Why do we have to go all the way to the Flemish Cap?" "Because, that's where the fish are!"

Indeed we simply caught a shit load of fish - some fantastic ones included - last week!

RĂ¼gen island really is the German Flemish cap. It's far out to the east. It has secret spots difficult to reach and loaded with fantastic fish. Yet none of my clients was without catching fish. Some personal bests included. What other office could I want?!

It's 2 am and in 5 hours we are starting fly fishing for German pikes again. So right now I have to take a quick nap first!

Hopefully you'll have a great week as well. Mine is loaded with teaching fly fishing for pike, pike perch and perch as usual.

You may find some pictures from last week below. By the way this is my front page number 200. Lots of stuff to remember in them for sure - thanks Paul!

All my best