Fly Fishing DVDs

Fly Fishing DVDs

Glenda | Tuesday, 16 June 2015

I have always liked reading non-fiction books about mountain climbing, sailing and exploration of places like Antarctica. I also like watching TV shows about fishing, even though there are very few that cover fly fishing, I still enjoy them. Now, I have found a friend that has an amazing library of DVDs all about fly fishing.

Linkedinnew  I have watched DVDs made by the legends such as Lefty and Joan but now also DVDs from up and coming fly fishermen who go to remote and inhospitable places in the world.  They take me with them and I love going. They remind me of surfers who take on the largest waves in the world - some of these fly fishing guys take on awesome rivers, gorges and oceans and they enjoy it.

Some DVDs are boring and some try and teach you to cast and I agree there is a time and a place for them but mostly I just like watching the makes me feel like I want to give up work and be out fishing everyday for the rest of my life.  It also reminds me of how thrilling a hook up can be because, let's face it, that is what this game is all about!

A few of the latest DVDs I've watched include:
Simply Fishing;
Way Points;
Australian Inshore Saltwater Flyfishing;
A Fly-Fishing Adventure - this is really worth watching;
Saltwater Flycasting; and
Flycasting Faults and Fixes with Mel Krieger.

I don't own any fly fishing DVDs but am starting to think it is time to start a library.  One might wonder why bother when you can have your own adventures or there is YouTube but there is nothing better than sitting watching an hour or two as compared to 15 or 20 minutes, or less, of footage.  Plus some of the music on the DVDs is incredible - puts you in the mood and has you planning your next fly fishing trip.  Well, for me at least!  Admittedly, you do learn new techniques and get to see places you have heard about but which you may, or may never, get to visit.  I'm not sure if others out there have a library but they are great to swap with friends and definitely generate lively conversation about the content, places and methods.....

Lastly, a small sample of the type of content in a DVD I love to watch. The video this week is titled "Fly fishing for Steelhead Crazy Action on the Fly" by Nathan Detweiler.  The backing song, "Thunderstruck", might be familiar as it is Australia's very own AC/DC so turn up the volume!! Good stuff with most of the fish caught on simple black woolly buggers.  Now I'm going fishing!!!  Laughing

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