Fly Fishing Bucket List

Fly Fishing Bucket List

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 14 June 2017

I have met a lot of young fly fishermen keeping a list in their mind where to go fly fishing and what fish to be caught at some point in the future. For many of us that list seemed to be more of a list of dreams instead of a serious schedule!

There can't be anything bad in having dreams in our lives, right? But living such dreams should be a much better idea, I think!

Now why is it, that so many of us never seemed to really put down their bucket list and shape a serious schedule of it?

Maybe some of us were afraid that such a list would never come true? Maybe some of the dreams weren't strong enough? Or maybe most of the dreams didin't seem to be possible to be fullfilled in truth?

I don't really know.

What I do know is that the older we get, the harder it becomes to live our dreams - especially those from our bucket list!

I am 43 years old now. Gladly I have fullfilled a lot of dreams of my former bucket list.

Last week I decided to put down a new bucket list for me and to then turn it into a serious schedule. It seems to me that like without making detailed plans such a bucket list will never come into live really.

Here are some key targets of my bucket list:

- catching a decent silver King salmon in Chile

- catching a large Dolly varden in Canada or Kamchatka

- catching a serious Tigerfish in Africa

- catching a Rooster fish of the beach in Costa Rica or Mexico

- catching a decent Artic char in Greenland

- catching a serious catfish in Spain

- catching a large Barramundi in Australia

- catching a Grand Slam in Carribean water (Bonefish, Tarpon and Permit)

- catching a proper GT of the beach

- spending at least 2 month fly fishing New Zealand

- catching a large Golden dorado in Bolivia

- catching Tapam in the jungle

- teaching fly fishing to more than 10 000 students

Let's imagine I can manage to hit one target per year - which I think would be pretty fantastic based on the size of fish I am mostly after - this would be a 12 years schedule.

For me it seems pretty clear that without making detailed plans RIGHT NOW such a list will never come true for me!?

So it's just about time to switch my bucket list into my long time schedule!

How about you - do you have any bucket list or even better any serious long time schedule?

Thanks for sharing your fine thoughts on this!

Great week to all of you.

All my best


P.s.: No need to tell - joining Paul in the jungle and nailing down a large Toman is also on my list! ;)

Last days was pretty much about teaching fly casting and of course fly fishing our home waters before and after the lessons.