Fly Casting - Teaching per video vs. Teaching face to face in reality

Fly Casting - Teaching per video vs. Teaching face to face in reality

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 7 July 2021

I think yet few instructors have done both. I did both many times and like to share a few thoughts.

Teaching per video means the instructor needs significant experience in a) analyzing fly casting videos and b) telling the student how to make proper videos.

This both may seem easy, and it really is, after having worked with analyzing more than 2000 fly casting videos within the past 15 years.

But in the beginning it was everything, but not easy! For a serious while I was over-looking important things in the videos. This could have been, because of a bad position for the camera or simply because of a lack in experience about what exactly to look for.

During the past 12 month I was teaching by students sending me several videos, while I returned my feedback what and how to improve their casting.

Comparing this sort of teaching fly casting to teaching face to face being next to my student I see 2 main disadvantages:

A  Analyzing the students casting by being able to quickly change my position makes for best point of view in no time!

B  Teaching by having my student FEELING what I do (his/her hand on mine) or FEELING what he/she does in detail (my hand on top) works incredibly fast and precise always. Feeling is and will always be a significant part of learning how to best fly cast. Online teaching yet cuts this tool out...

C  The same amount of content needs more time to be delivered online.

That aside, I was quite happy with the online teaching results as well! Fair to say, I am the one who was most critical about the outcome reaching my standard. But it did!

Anyway I am really happy to be fully back into face to face real life teaching these days. It works faster and I truly love to be around with all other fly fisherman. I very much missed this last year!

So let's all hope to not run into the same lock downs here in Europe or elsewhere again!

Great casting to all of you out there!



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