Fly Casting Definitions

Fly Casting Definitions

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Finally the IFFF published a set of fly casting definitions via the IFFF magazine "The loop".

As an instructor for fly casting I of course was very interested to have a look at the IFFF set of fly casting definitions. That was especially since it took the IFFF many years to create it! You may want to check yourself:
IFFF Fly casting definitions
Personally I don't like this set and will not use it for my teaching though. I don't like the idea to use such a small tool box of definitions anyway. I prefer to learn as many different definitions or if you like ways to explain key factors in fly casting as possible. That way I can choose the one, which I think fits best for the individual student...
I have no clue who came up with the idea it would be best to have just one small set for all IFFF fly casting instructors. Fair to say the set isn't anywhere near to be a complete one. And there are parts in it, which are wrong in my understanding. The IFFF claims this set to be a cornerstone of teaching fly casting. For me it will be a cornerstone of never ending discussions at best.

Just one quick example:
"8. Single haul/hauling – pulling on the fly line with the line hand while fly casting."
That means there is no hauling when keeping the line hand in one (and one only) position as far as I understand it. For me hauling means pulling the fly line thru the guides instead. It can be done via line hand movement (only), via rod hand movement (only) or by moving both hands. Done properly the caster will move the line hand (nearly) opposite the rod hand in order to pull the line thru the guides. Thus proper hauling is done by both hands!

This is Sexyloops - of course there will be a (long?) discussion about the new IFFF set of flycasting definitions HERE.

Well, time for sleeping now. The last week again has been a (fly fishing) blast! We caught a pretty good number of fine fishes (pike, pike perch and perch). Even our total beginners got linked with some proper fish!
Maybe one day I'll see YOU on one of my fly fishing trips!? ;)
Great fishing week to all of you!
All my best

A few pictures from the last days...

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