flags and flies

flags and flies

Daniela Misteli | Sunday, 10 June 2018

Soon the world championship in Russia starts and all over are flags... with everything you can show which countries you're fan for. So I designed also streamers in the color of flags, our Kantons-flags there are just regions in Switzerland and it's a little bit like a religion if you are from Bern or from Zürich. I think every country has that regionalism but it feels like we swiss guys are extraordinary good in that "small thinking" so here are the flies "i designed and I have to tie a lot of them and send them in the different parts of my small funny country.

Of course I had to test the color where I live and I got a nice little pike on it :) Next part will be the national flags for the WM start   Cool


Test fishing with the local flag



The Swiss-Cross Switzerland fly :)