Fishing with Dirk

Fishing with Dirk

Paul Arden | Tuesday, 3 May 2022

It’s great to finally have a guest again! At first it looked like we were going to have a blinder when we found eight sets of Snakehead babies on the first day. Dirk had a bunch of “almost eats” on Snakehead and was broken by two large Gourami in his first two days. Unfortunately a long day trip to one of my usual hotspots revealed absolutely nothing! However Dirk knows the score here only too well and is not perturbed :)))

I think I might stop calling it a “one fish a day fishery”. Because it’s not!! Occasionally of course, you can catch one, or even more per day. But that’s not normal. Every single sizeable fish matters here!

My pet Gourami in the Battleship aquarium is in a mood with me. I don’t know what happened. Dirk arrived, fed him some cheese, all was good. But now it’s not talking to me, won’t feed by hand. Ignores grapes and cheese offerings. Won’t even eat sedges unless they appear naturally. When I come close it hides behind the miniature castle. WTF???

Gourami have moods? Mr G is right; “G”stands for bloody Grumpy. My wife is like this too sometimes. One time she dreamt that I slept with her sister and she didn’t talk to me for five days. For five days I’m trying to figure out what I’ve done and it was her dream! Maybe Mr G dreamed I have another pet Gourami somewhere. Bizarre. It’s like “I’m sorry Mr G. I’m sorry that I have another pet Gourami in *your* dream”. 

No sooner had I written this and I caught a nice Gourami in the slicks on an ant. Yay!! And then another one ate but we didn’t connect long enough to get to know each other. Hopefully this is the start of great things to come!

Have a great week. :))

Cheers, Paul

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