Fishing with Chuan

Fishing with Chuan

Paul Arden | Monday, 23 May 2016

This has the potential to be a very short FP, because I'm fishing with Chuan until Tuesday and we're going camping in the jungle chasing Snakehead and Gourami. This is Chuan's second trip which means that he'll hook fish and then probably lose them and/or break one or more of my rods. Cleverly while Chuan has actually bought a Hot Toorpedo 8, he hasn't actually brought it with him!

Ashly and I head back to Europe June 16th. I plan to be in the UK for a month or so, so could be a good opportunity for you to get a casting tune up (or overhaul!). I'm not sure as of yet when we will be travelling down to Hungary but it looks like being a busy summer for me.

Well I wasn't kidding when I said it was going to be short!

Back next week. Have a good one :)

Cheers, Paul

PS I'm reliably informed that's a photo of a King Cobra crossing the lake. I haven't told Chuan that we'll be camping on Snake Island yet!