Fishing the River Traun

Fishing the River Traun

Bruce Richards | Sunday, 10 May 2015

After the EWF show in Germany a group of us traveled to the River Traun in Austria for a few days of fishing. A wonderful place, and home water of famous fly anglers, teachers, guides Hans Aigner, Hans Gebetsroither and Roman Moser. Sadly, Hans Aigner passed away while we were there, after a battle with cancer.....

     The Traun is a beautiful river that flows from the Alps and is reminiscent of some rivers in the western U.S. There are rainbows, browns and grayling, along with other fish like barbel, chubs and pike, an interesting mix of fish to chase. A smaller river, the Agar, is nearby and was the choice of those liking smaller streams, or uncomfortable with the more challenging wading of the Traun, which was a bit high from spring run-off. There was some dry fly fishing, but nymphs and streamers worked best.

The Traun is a beautiful river, but runs through a series of small towns so the fishing has a rather urban feel, at least for someone accustomed to the wilds of Montana. And, access to the river where we fished it is controlled by a local fishing club and there is a daily access fee, similar to what a private spring creek in the U.S. would cost. Club members kindly volunteered their time to take us to their favorite spots on the river and show us how they fish it. Great guys, their time was very much appreciated!

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